Section 6 - Editing Terrain Types

Your default scenario comes with 256 premade terrain types, number 0 to 255 (which are listed in the Appendices). However, you can also customize the terrain types to suit your scenario, or add new ones of your own. Click on Edit Terrain Types to bring up all of the terrain icons, and click on a terrain type to bring up the terrain editing window.

The first 91 terrain types (0 to 90), as well as a few others, are used by the game when generating terrain for outdoor combat arenas. As such, it is recommended that you change only the picture.

Defining Terrain Types

To define a new terrain type, you need to enter several values, which determine whether the party can walk through it, what it looks like, and similar properties. What each value means is described below:

Many of the special properties need more information to work, which you enter in the three fields at the bottom of the terrain type editing window. The window will prompt you with what information needs to be given.

The special property types, and what you need to enter in extra fields are as follows: