Appendix C - Monster Ability Types

When adding a new monster ability, you may have noticed that there are fourteen custom options to choose from at the end of the list. These options don't fill in the ability parameters with a template; they just present you immediately with the full ability dialog. You can also get there by editing an existing ability.

This appendix covers all the options you can get in the ability editing dialog.

Note: If you add a custom ability and want to cancel it, you have to click Delete, rather than Cancel. Clicking Cancel will cause the ability to be added with default values (generally all zeroes).

The Basics

When editing any monster ability, you'll see four informational fields.

Missile Abilities

Monsters will not use most missile abilities when adjacent to their target. Missile abilities offer the following "subtypes":

In addition, you can set the following properties:

General Abilities

General abilities cover several categories with a variety of effects. Some of these are obvious, others less so. Even when ranged, monsters will also use most of these abilities while adjacent to their target. The following is a list of all ability types classified as general, using the terminology from the Add Ability page:

They offer the following "subtypes":

Note that a non-ranged attack could be made using Ray, Gaze, or Breath simply by limiting the range to 1, but this still differs from a Touch attack because the latter accompanies the plain damage of the monster's regular attack.

In addition, you can set the following properties:

Radiate Field Abilities

Monsters that radiate fields are automatically immune to their own fields. Since radiate abilities are passive, they take no action points. A radiate ability provides no subtypes; the only editable parameters are as follows:

Summoning Abilities

Since summon abilities are passive, they take no action points to activate. They do have the following subtypes:

You can specify the following parameters for a summoning ability:

Other Abilities

There are several other abilities that can be added to monsters. They don't have a dedicated "Custom Ability" option, but you can edit them after adding for some increased customization. (The special node abilities assume you'll want to do this and automatically open the edit window once you've saved the node.)