The Blades of Exile Editor

What is the Blades of Exile Editor?

This copy of Blades of Exile comes with the Blades of Exile Character Editor, a simple utility for improving your Blades of Exile party in a mind-boggling variety of ways.

The editor can give you unlimited gold and food, heal your party, and do several other useful things (go to the section on menus, and read all about it). And it can do much more besides that - give you all sorts of items, complete your quests and give you maps, add as much experience and skill as you want, and more.

Using the Editor

How to use the editor

The Blades of Exile editor is very easy to use. To do so,

  1. Run it. It's called Blades Character Editor.
  2. Select Open from the File menu.
  3. Select the save file to edit.
  4. Make the changes.
  5. Select Save from the File menu.

To make a change, press one of the other buttons. Their uses are described in the next five chapters.

A Serious Warning

The Blades of Exile Editor is a powerful utility, and, as has been said, "With great power comes great responsibility." It is not only possible, but in fact quite easy to use the editor to make the game unwinnable. All you need to do is dispose of the wrong item, or rub away the memory of the wrong piece of information. The editor can also correct the damage, of course. But as a rule of thumb, it is best to:

  1. Be careful,
  2. Always keep an unaltered back-up save file, and
  3. Only do positive things with the editor. It's generally safe to give yourself new information or a new item, but very risky to take things away.

Using the Main Screen

Once you've opened a save file, you'll see your party displayed on the main screen. One character's button will be blue. This is the active character. Click on another character to make him/her active.

To the right is the active character's inventory. To drop an item, click the D button. To identify an item, click the I button.

To the right are the five buttons you can use to edit this character:

Add Mage Spells, Add Priest Spells - Enables you to give or take away the character's ability to cast certain spells. Press the button to the right of a spell to toggle the spell on/off. When the button is lighted green, the party knows the spell.

Edit Traits - Enables you to change the character's race, advantages, and disadvantages.

Edit Skills - Works like the training window in Blades of Exile, but all training is free. Press the + and - buttons to increment and decrement a skill. You can even give an Anama member mage levels with this, though it won't let them actually cast mage spells.

Edit XP - Enables you to set the number of experience points the character has. Note that, if you give enough experience for the character to gain a level, the new level won't be awarded right away. The character will get the new level the next time he or she gains experience in Blades of Exile.

The Blades of Exile Editor Menu

Most of the Blades of Exile Editor's features are activated through the menus.

File Menu:

Edit Party:

Scenario Edit: