The Blades of Exile Menus

Blades of Exile's menus can perform many of the actions in the game, and dispense help and information as well.

File Menu

The Preferences Window

From here, you can change how the game plays.

Options Menu

Help Menu

This menu brings up various reminders of the commands in the game. As a shortcut, typing ? brings up the most relevant help screen for your current situation.

Monsters Menu

This menu provides a reference for monsters in the games, and their vital statistics. You can make a monster appear here by casting Scry Monster on it.

Library Menu

These library menu options are extremely useful. They are your best source for information about Blades of Exile: its spells and monsters, handy tips for playing, and other useful things.

Actions Menu

Mage Spells, Priest Spells

These menus constantly list the spells the active PC can currently cast. Select a spell to cast it.